Friday, June 29, 2012

No love for the Nude

This is a recent painting I completed earlier this year. I was hoping I could include it in a figurative show I'm participating in with a couple of other artists here in Connecticut. This painting unfortunately could not be displayed as it was "too nude".  It's 48x60 and is pretty confrontational but really? C'mon, I've seen stuff like this and worse in museums and art history books. I also had to take this painting down early from my grad show for the same reason.  Assuming it's not a horrible painting, I'm kind of taking this response as a compliment. However I'd like to be able to display it somewhere other than the storage facility where it currently resides.

1 comment:

  1. Too Nude? nude is nude is nudity...
    I too, experienced being censored... except by a local non-profit Art Guild for a 5"x7" "too frontal" nude. Yes, you read that correctly...5x7. After having it rock my reality, I too, took it as a compliment... that I lived on a another planet...