Wednesday, June 18, 2014

OPA! Oil Painters of America

I'm excited to announce that this portrait I painted of Kerri will be included in the Oil Painters of America's Eastern Regional exhibition. The show opens on September 12th at the Eisele Gallery of Fine Art in Cincinnati Ohio. This is the 3rd painting I've done of Kerri and I believe it's the most successful one I've done of her.

I've been inspired by the work of Steven Assael for some time now and one of the many things I love about his work is what he does with light and color.  This painting is my second attempt at using a colored light bulb in a portrait. I think the colored light really adds another level to the piece. I lit Kerri with a 5K light bulb over head and had a red 60w shining in from the side. I'm going to continue exploring with this some more as I find it very challenging to try and get that strong color and light to work on the face.

Here's the painting. It measures 16x10 and is oil on panel.


  1. Very nice work! Before I even read the post, I thought "Oh, he likes Steven Assael!"

    1. Thanks Adam, Steven is such a beast. I would love to watch him paint at some time. Either way playing around with colored lights has been a lot of fun and quite challenging.