Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back in the Garage!

Honestly I've been all over New England this summer painting, taking photos and making sketches in preparation for my upcoming show in Sept. Well now I've pretty much got myself on lockdown as I try to put together all of those studies and produce a body of work that I'm proud of. So far I've been really excited bringing all of these paintings to life but I can't help but be nervous of that deadline soon approaching.

Unlike last years two man show with Caleb Stone where I exhibited very small works this show is going to be BIG. I have a huge space to fill and tons of stuff I want to paint. I've been pushing myself all year to find new subject matter, challenge myself with new palettes, and the scale of these pieces and  amount of which I have painted has got me so excited. For now I'll leave you with what's currently on my easel in the garage. (Yeah I paint in the garage, you can laugh, it's not fancy but it serves it's purpose. :)

Currently Untitled 30x40 Oil on Canvas

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  1. I was very inspired by your demo last night. Thank you. Congratulations on your show. I'm looking forward reading &seeing your past posts. Dee Volkert, TCCA member